we walked alone in a desert
and our green dress catched the wind
set just a step by another
get an ocean deep within
we let our zodiac the leadership
and followed paths of dawn
hair like wings around our chest
barefeet dancing like a faune

oh, septemberland
every late summer
you wake up and i will join
september and myself

two sides of the same coin

we ride the dragon high to north
to seek the northern wind
our mind belongs to an old friend
who’s got that dragon deep within
we talked to sphinxes and to cancers
shooted arrows of kentaurs
we met our mirrors and our demons
touched the mirage of the south

oh, wake up, september, darling
it is time to turn the wheel
a new path is getting born
and i know not how to feel
so i send you the old new journey
hell and heaven in my mind
will turn out when you will cross them
i’m your goddess judging blind

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